Agricultural Facilities and Value-Adding Services

Management of MSI Agri-Development Center with Services/Facilities for:
1. Palay Buying Station
2. Solar Drying
3. Warehousing
4. Logistics
5. Truck Scaling

Capability-building for partner cooperatives on the above post-harvest operation

Market and Linkaging of Agricultural Commodities

Procurement and/or trading of palay, milled rice, by products and other agricultural commodities.
Market linkaging through direct marketing or tie-ups between farmer-cooperatives and consumer cooperatives, corporations or other market outlets in urban centers.

Marketing and Trading of Agricultural Commodities

  • Provision of marketing support services to various LBP-assisted farmers.
  • Procurement and trading of corn, palay, milled rice and other agricultural commodities either through Payment In Kind (PIK) or cash basis
  • Provision of expanded marketing outlet to farmers/coops by networking/lingkaging with Manila based consumer coops, corporate clients and other market outlet.


Payment In Kind Scheme (PIK)

Loan payment assistance in terms of farmers produce, e.g., palay, or other agricultural commodities
Facilitate and improve both the farmer's ability to pay credit and LandBank's loan collection efficiency.


For the past years since its initial operation, MSI undertook various programs and projects in pursuit of its original mission, which was to improve the productivity and income of small farmers in the areas covered by the national government’s agrarian reform program. It is committed to the society of financial institutions on one hand and to the tasks of agricultural development on the other.

By 2025, MSI is a prime provider of developmental assistance to farmer cooperatives and organizations towards self-sustainability.

MSI will provide agri-related opportunities and services to farmer cooperatives and organizations to help improve their income capacity and exposure to developmental framework to further increase their level of productivity.


Excellence: Quality and Competitiveness

Social Responsibility: Service to Community and Customer Satisfaction

Professionalism: Teamwork, Dedication, Commitment, Competence and Mutual Respect